• 1U high quality Micro ATX 250 Watt power supply unit used in HP Pavilion slimline computers and more...
  • With a special Mini 24pin Adaptor (37mm wide).
  • Quiet and reliable. Made by FSP.
  • Remark: This PSU's Mini 24pin connector comes with a standard ATX pinout suitable for the HP Pavilion computers shown in the compatibility list. NOT to be mistaken for the Mini 24pin connector found on some Optiplex computers PSUs (same size but with a different pinout).   
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This product is usually compatible with the following PSUs and Computers, however, it may not be a direct replacement and we cannot guarantee it is 100% compatible. Some slight adjustments may be required (additional connectors etc...).

Press on "CTRL + F" to find your PSU or PC in the list.
Please contact us for any query and check our "PSU FAQ".

This PSU replaces the following PSUs:
This PSU is compatible with the following computers:
AC Bel PC6012
AC Bel PC6013
AC Bel PC6034
AC Bel PC8023 492674-001
Delta DPS-108DB-1
Delta DPS-108DB-1 A
Delta DPS-160QB
Delta DPS-180XB
Delta DPS-180XB A
HP 5188-2755
HP 5188-7520
HP 5188-7521
HP 5188-7602
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 HP Media Vault MV2020
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 HP Pavilion s3330it
 HP Pavilion s3330nl
 HP Pavilion s3330PC)
 HP Pavilion s3330pt
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 HP Pavilion s7730es
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 RX8XXX Series
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Connectors (Supplied)
Main connector 37mm wide Mini 24pin special connector suitable for HP Pavilion Pcs. (Standard 24pin to mini 24pin adaptor included). NOT to be mistaken for the Mini 24pin connector found on some Optiplex computers PSUs (same size but with a different pinout).
Molex 2 Connectors. Cable length: 26 & 43cm on one lead.
SATA 3 Connectors: 2 on one lead at 26 & 37cm and 1 on one lead at 33cm. Our PSU comes with standard 25mm long SATA connectors. Some Computers may require an shorter 10mm "angled SATA connector" due to lack of room behind the hard drive. Order this option if required.
Floppy (berg) 1 Connector. Cable length: 55cm
4Pin 12V P4 1 Connector. Cable length: 48cm
8pin 12V EPS Order this optional adapter if required.
6pin PCI-E Order this optional adapter if required.
8pin PCI-E Order this optional adapter if required.
Aux. ATX N/A
Output Voltage and Current Rating
+3.3V 18.0A
+5V 18.0A
+12V1 17.0A
-12V 0.5A
+5Vsb 2.0A
More Info
Model Number FB250-60GUB (Mini 24Pin)
Manufacturer Part Number
Brand Fire Bull. Made by FSP (Fortron Source Power) AKA SPI (Parkle Power Inc)
Input 110-230V. Full Range. Suitable worldwide. The PSU selects the suitable voltage automatically. 4-2A, 50-60Hz
Form Factor Micro ATX
Power Output 250W
Ventilation 40x40x15mm fan at rear, near cable exit.
Safety standard FCC, RU, CE, TUV
Efficiency level 85+ Bronze
Measurements HxWxD 40x81.5x150mm (1.6"x3.2"x5.9")
Weight (Net / Gross) 0.7 / 1kg
Single Packing Single box: 250x100x50mm (9.8"x3.9"x2"), 1kg.
Bulk Packing Box of 12 Pcs: 320x320x300mm (12.6"x12.6"x11.8"), 10Kg.
Warranty 1 Year RTB
Return Return this item intact within 14 days if unsuitable or unwanted. The buyer is responsible for all postage charges unless otherwise agreed.
Item Condition Brand new
Remarks -Our PSU originally has a 20+4pin standard connector but comes with a Mini 24pin adaptor so it is suitable for HP Pavilion Slimline Computers. Please double check the size of the 24pin connector required. A standard 24pin connectors is 53mm wide but this PSU comes with a 37mm wide mini 24pin adaptor. -Our PSU looks slightly different from the original PSU but 3 out of 4 of the screw mountings are the same, which is enough to secure the PSU. -Our PSU comes with a variety of standard connectors. You can use the mini 24pin and 2 SATA required in your HP Pavilion Slimline PC and leave the unused ones tied up in the chassis. -Our PSU does NOT come with any angled SATA connector sometimes required when room is limited behind the HDD. If required, please order this optional shorter" angled SATA adapter".

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FB250-60GUB (Mini 24Pin)

PSU with special Mini 24pin for HP Pavilion slimline PCs.

    VAT deducted for EU businesses & World customers.

  • Brand: Fire Bull
  • Product Code: FB250-60GUB (Mini24Pin)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £51.60

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