• High quality SFX Micro ATX 250 Watt power supply unit used in Gateway & Enlight  computers and more...
  • This SFX PSU comes with the power socket on the SHORT side. Most SFX PSUs come with the power socket on the LONG side. Check your requirements. 
  • Quiet and reliable. Made by FSP.
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This product is usually compatible with the following PSUs and Computers, however, it may not be a direct replacement and we cannot guarantee it is 100% compatible. Some slight adjustments may be required (additional connectors etc...).
Press on "CTRL + F" to find your PSU or PC in the list.
Please contact us for any query and check our "PSU FAQ".
This PSU replaces the following PSUs:

Astec ATX145-3515
Astec ATX90-3405
Astec ATX92-3405
Astec ATX93 3405
Astec ATX93-3405
Athena Power AP-MP4ATX20
Athena Power AP-MP4ATX20B
Athena Power MP4ATX20
Bestec ATX-100-6
Compaq 163555-001
Compaq 90W
Compaq iPAQ 810e
Compaq iPAQ P733
Delta DPS-145PB-117
Delta DPS-145PB-117 A
Delta DPS-145PB-117 A/B
Delta DPS-145PB-117 D
Delta DPS-145PB-117-A
Enhance ENP-1211J
Enhance ENP-1215A
Enhance ENP-2120A
Enhance ENP-2725A
Enhance ENP-2725A-SP-1
Enhance ENP-2725J
Enhance SFX-1211J
Enhance SFX-1215B
Enlight  HPC-150-101
Enlight EN-8156903
Fortron FSP150-51NI
Fortron FSP180-51NI
FSP 9PA2007201
Gateway 6500192
Gateway 6500329
Gateway 6500361
Gateway 6500400
Gateway 6500401
Gateway 6500451
Gateway 6500495
Gateway 6500505
Gateway 6500506
Gateway 6500507
Gateway 6500510
Gateway 6500527
Gateway 6500545
Gateway 6500633
Hipro HP-G1507A3C
Lotustronics ENP-2120A
Lotustronics SFX-1215B
Mean Well ATX-68A
Mean Well ATX-68A(B)
Merit EC7531-03
MSI Axis 700
MSI Axis 945GM
MSI S93-1009770-S14
Newton NPS-145PB-117
Newton NPS-145PB-117 A
Newton NPS-145PB-117 A Rev00 (NPS-145-PB-117A) - 6500505, 6500507, 6500510
Newton NPS-145PB-117 A Rev03 - 65 - 6500545
Newton NPS-90-2 A
Newton NPS-90AB
Newton NPS-90AB-1
Newton NPS-90AB-1 B
Newton NPS-90AB-1 B (Rev 1)
Newton NPS-90EB
Newton NPS-90EB A
Newton NPS-90EB-A
PowerMan FSP145-51NI
PowerMan FSP180-51NIV
Powertronics WK-6145-DL3
SeaSonic SS-145SFC
SeaSonic SS-170SFC
SeaSonic SS-200SFC
Sparkle 9PA2007201
Sparkle FSP145-50DP
Sparkle FSP145-51NI
Sparkle FSP180-51NIV
Sparkle FSP200-50MB
TGR (Tiger Power) FM-180P10
Young Year ATX-68A
Young Year ATX-68A(B)

And more...

This PSU is compatible with the following computers:

Barbie Computer EBC466P
Enlight EN-7130
Enlight EN-7150
Enlight EN-7150AP
Enlight EN-7180
Enlight EN-7181
Enlight EN-7182
Enlight EN-7305
Gateway BATC 
Gateway Essential 1000
Gateway Essential 1000c
Gateway Essential 1100
Gateway Essential 1100c
Gateway Essential 433c
Gateway Essential 500c
Gateway Essential 533c
Gateway Essential 633c
Gateway Essential 733c
Gateway Essential 800c
Gateway Essential 900c
Gateway Essential 933
Gateway Essential BATC
Gateway Essential e866
Gateway Essential P5-133
Gateway Essential P5-166
Gateway Essentials 1000C
Gateway Essentials 1100C
Gateway Essentials 900C
Gateway Essentials 933
Gateway G6-400c
Gateway LC 2
Gateway LC2
Gateway P5-133
Gateway P5-166
Gateway TOL 366c
HotWheels Computer

And more...:

Connectors (Supplied)
Main connector 20+4Pin connector suitable for boards with a 20 or 24pin socket. Attach the 4pin square connector (with red, yellow, orange & black wires) to the side of the 20pin connector. There is only one possible way to plug it in. Cable length: 33cm.
Molex 2 Connectors. Cable length: 26 & 43cm on one lead.
SATA 3 Connectors: 2 on one lead at 26 & 37cm and 1 on one lead at 33cm.
Floppy (berg) 1 Connector. Cable length: 55cm
4Pin 12V P4 1 Connector. Cable length: 48cm
8pin 12V EPS Order this optional adapter if required.
6pin PCI-E Order this optional adapter if required.
8pin PCI-E Order this optional adapter if required.
Aux. ATX N/A
Output Voltage and Current Rating
+3.3V 18.0A
+5V 18.0A
+12V1 17.0A
-12V 0.5A
+5Vsb 2.0A
More Info
Model Number FSP250-50GUB(51NI)
Manufacturer Part Number
Brand FSP (Fortron Source Power) AKA SPI (Parkle Power Inc)
Input 110-230V. Full Range. Suitable worldwide. The PSU selects the suitable voltage automatically. 4-2A, 50-60Hz
Form Factor Micro ATX
Power Output 250W
Ventilation 40x40x15mm fan at rear, near cable exit.
Safety standard FCC, RU, CE, TUV
Efficiency level 85+ Bronze
Measurements HxWxD 40x81.5x150mm (1.6"x3.2"x5.9")
Weight (Net / Gross) 0.7 / 1kg
Single Packing SIngle box: 250x100x50mm (9.8"x3.9"x2"), 1kg.
Bulk Packing Box of 12 Pcs: 320x320x300mm (12.6"x12.6"x11.8"), 10Kg.
Warranty 1 Year RTB
Return Return this item intact within 14 days if unsuitable or unwanted. The buyer is responsible for all postage charges unless otherwise agreed.
Item Condition Brand new
Remarks -This SFX PSU comes with the power socket on the SHORT side. Most other SFX PSUs come with the power socket on the LONG side. Check your requirements. -This replacement PSU is 25mm deeper than the original. This is normally not an issue but double check compatibility with your chassis.

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250W SFX PSU with the power socket on the SHORT side.

    VAT deducted for EU businesses & World customers.

  • Brand: FSP (Fortron Source Power)
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