• High-density 1U rackmount server chassis. Heavy and strong structure.
  • Built-in powerful blower presents a remarkable in-housing thermal environment.
  • Dual processors capability. Ultra flexible storage devices allocation.
  • Unique tool-free maintenance design.
  • Takes micro ATX, ATX motherboard (not extended ATX).
  • Includes a 32Bit PCI Riser Card. Ask for other type of riser cards.
  • Option: sliding rail kits available for installation in cabinet. Ref SLR3500
  • Slide-in Mainboard plate for easy installation.
  • Full set electro-plate anti-rust processing.
  • Meets CE, FCC requirements.
  • Available in beige ECR9102 or black ECR9102B.
  • Option: Bracket for slim CD-ROM+FDD (Placed in the front 5.25” bay). (ECR9102B.001 Version).            Supplied with an "SCR-242 to 40Pin IDE” adaptor  to convert the Slim CD-ROM connector to a standard 40pin IDE connector.

Comes with a standard ATX Back window (I/O Shield).

Other types of I/O shield are also available (See pictures above).

This chassis is too low to take the standard 4.5x16cm I/O shield provided with Motherboards.

Check compatibility between your Motherboard and one of the special I/O Shields available.

If none of the back windows offered is suitable, this chassis could be used without back window

and no PCI card leaving an open gap at the rear of the rack.

If you intend to use the riser card provided, check the position of the PCI slot

to make sure it is properly aligned with the Mainboard slot.

An optional Flexible 32bit Riser Card may solve PCI slot alignment problems.





Option 1

Option 2

5.25" Exposed

1 Standard CD-ROM

1 Slim CD-ROM

3.5" Exposed / Internal

1 / 1

2 / 1


Micro ATX, ATX

Power Supply

250W 20pin, 4Molex, 2Floppy connectors

Ask for additional connectors.


1 x High speed ball bearing blower

Dim: HxWxD

44x425x510mm (545 with handles)

Weight: NW/GW

8 kg / 10 kg


UK pallet: 30 pcs

Chassis Specifications
5.25" Exposed Bays Option 1: 1 Standard CD-ROM. Option 2: 1 Slim CD-ROM
3.5" Exposed bays Option 1: 1. Option 2: 2.
2.5" Hidden HDD Bays 0
3.5" Hidden HDD Bays 1.
Expansion Slots
Front Ports 0
Power Supply Unit Included 250 watt PSU.
Motherboard Form Factor Micro ATX: 244x244mm (9.6"x9.6"). ATX: 305x244mm (12"x9.6").
More Info
Brand Evercase.
Form Factor ATX.
Ventilation 1 x High speed ball bearing blower.
Measurements HxWxD 44x425x510mm (545 with handles)
Weight (Net / Gross) 10/ 11kg.
Material Cold-rolled steel, shiny zinc coating.
Single Packing 76 x 60 x 19cm, 11kg.
Item Condition Brand new.
Remarks -This 1U rack is too slim to take standard i/o shield provided with Motherboards so we have a variety of backwindows available. Please check the few types of back windows available. Should none of the I/O shield offered be suitable, select the standard one and remove it from the rack. The rack can then be used with no back window and no PCI card at all, leaving an open gap at the rear.

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ECR9102 1U 19inch Rackmount

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