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  Oustanding thermal and acoustic solution.

OEM orders and european pallets available.

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BTX vs ATX: How to make the difference


BTX introduction


BTX Technology:


BTX (Balanced Technology eXtended) is a form factor for PC motherboards designed to replace the aging ATX technology. It has been designed to bring latest technologies that need more power and produce more heat into small form factor housings.

The revolutionary BTX technology has not died. It has simply never been popular with small and medium system integrators due to the difficulty to get hold of BTX components. Due to its outstanding benefits, A-brand professional PC providers such as Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Dell and HP have fully integrated BTX into their systems and will continue to do so. We now provide all necessary BTX components, so like many of our customers, win more tenders and contracts by using the outstanding benefits of BTX as unique selling points.


  The outstanding acoustic and thermal improvements achieved by BTX technology are due to a new layout of the motherboard. The CPU is cooled down directly from the fresh air blown in by the front fan, and all components are strategically situated and orientated to optimize the front to back air flow path. This can reduce the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees compared to the ATX system. The only fan required is the massive CPU cooler. The result is a dramatic reduction of noise, heat, power consumption and consequently system size.

BTX chassis ventilation


BTX advantages:


-Smaller and super silent systems (No extra fan needed).

-New component locations on motherboard reduce latency between devices. For example, the Northbridge and Southbridge chips are located near each other and the hardware they control.

-Improved board design for a better signal transmission to memory and power supply.

-Improved cooling with only one high quality fan controlled by PWM technology.

-Higher components durability.

-Higher system stability guaranteed by efficient cooling of active components.

-Improved motherboard support to avoid board deflection due to heavy loads (heatsink, PCI cards…)


BTX components



BTX motherboard ventilation

 ATX Airflow                                Improved BTX Airflow


BTX Motherboard:


BTX, Micro BTX or PicoBTX motherboards are all designed to avoid the obstructed air flow that is forced around components in ATX systems. They are optimised for the newest technologies including PCI Express and SATA.

We recommend high quality BTX motherboards from Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

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BTX Cooler:


The BTX Cooler system is the only fan required for most BTX systems. It cools down the CPU efficiently as well as all other components. It is controlled by PWM technology (Pulse Width Modulation) to offer an even more efficient and silent cooling.

We offer 2 models of BTX cooling systems, an Entry Version and a Premium Version recommended for our chassis and Fujitsu Siemens Computers Motherboards.

More info on BTX coolers here >>

BTX Cooler


BTX Chassis:


The BTX chassis is a mirror image of the ATX and both systems are therefore not compatible. It has an integrated SRM (Support Retention Module) and specific mounting holes to support heavy loads and avoid motherboard deflection. Most chassis offer some screwless features for easy installation.

KM slim desktops and towers are recommended by Fujitsu Siemens Computers for the use of their BTX motherboard. Some of our models even have a unique interchangeable ATX/BTXdesign.

BTX Tower Chassis DT-01B BTX desktop chassis  

BTX Power Supply Unit:


The BTX Power Supply Unit is the same as a standard 24pin ATX PSU. Its physical size may vary depending on the size of the chassis.

Standard ATX Power Supply     

Tower PSU

BTX CFX Power supply

Desktop PSU


Other components:

All other components such as Processors, Hard drives, Optical drives, Memory etc... are the same as the ones used with ATX.


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